Tuesday, February 1, 2011

16 Write about a Moment of Wonder from Your Childhood

Late Night Talk Show

on summer nights
when we lie in bed
too hot to sleep
My brother and I
would do
a late night talk shows
where we talked about
we wondered

If the earth
is a planet and the
sun is just a star,
does that mean
there are millions
of earths
millions of suns
and millions
of summer
in millions
of summer beds
thinking millions
of thoughts
that we
are thinking
right now?

In the background
an old fan whirred
and blew steamy
summer air
in our direction.

Why am I me
and not my friend
Johnny Manning?

How did I get in this
body with these parents
in this town?

Why do I have
these thoughts
on hot summer nights?

He would fall
and I would listen
to his steady

my mind
buzzing with
the electricity
of wonder
till sleep
pulled me
back into
the boat.

Barry Lane

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I think these kinds of thoughts too - why any and all and how of it? The beauty and mystery... Thank you, Barry! A.