Friday, February 4, 2011

18 Ode to Little Brothers and Sisters

The world was perfect
for a few years.

Then you showed up
and perfection took
on another meaning.

holding you,
bouncing you
around the living room,
How many different ways
can you play peek a boo?

And you, so wide eyed
at the moment of

You squawk
like a
plucked chicken
and I can't
help but laugh

and know
that I am now the
sun and
you a bouncing
baby planet
round me

Barry Lane


  1. Thanks, Barry! This brought memories of my younger brother, David, who arrived six and a half years after me. Being the third of four, I REALLY liked being his big sister. Before long, he passed me up and by eighth grade was my "equal!" By the time I was in college umpiring summer recreational baseball games, everyone asked who was older! I think it was his payback for my teaching him the alphabet backwards and telling him he was adopted! We are lucky to live in the same area, and we are, happily, the best of friends.

    Remember the MCTE Fall Conference where you were our keynote? I was prez then, and we had a fabulous time then and at a dinner the evening before.

    Thanks for making me smile.

    Mary Anna Kruch

  2. Thanks Mary Anna. I do remember you and that great visit to MN. That was my first time working in your state!

  3. This is so beautiful, Barry. I love that last brings tears. A.

  4. Thanks Amy. That's my favorite line too. These are my daughters.