Saturday, February 5, 2011

Write about a Brush with Fame

Obama Moment

I am proud to be
an American,
not just because of
the men who died
for me
but for those who
live each day
waiting for
a new rebirth
of wonder.

Standing in a rope line
watching a young
mother thrust her
baby at you
as the flashes
explode around you
like bombs
in air

Waiting for my
chance to say
one thing
that will change
the course of

The one thing,
that a year
from now you will
near the end
your State of
the Union

'There was
this guy I met
in a rope line
in Dover
New Hampshire
who said
something ...

And then
you turn to me,
your white shirt
the sleeves rolled
up in such
a perfect way
that the cuffs
seem starched
and flattened
against your
dark fore arm,

And you reach
for my hand

and I say
the only
history changing
I can
think of.

" I Love you, man."

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